Our Brands & Companies

Apexa Group is pioneer reflecting the dedicated efforts of a highly skilled team that aims to deliver the best to its customers

Journey of Apexa Group

From its begining to becoming one of the most leading groups of kota, Apexa Group has many milestones added to its name. These milestones makes us more focused towards achieving our goals.


Our CMD got a new thought

Apexa Group is the outcome of great initiative. In 2013 Apexa group was started by 10 people, the backbone of our group.


We started Apexa Associates LLP

We started Apexa Associates LLP on April 1st, 2017. This company has 38 directors at present.


We started Apexarise Projects LLP

Apexarise Projects LLP is an umbrella company for Apexa group


We made a innovation in Food Industry

We started a new brand in foods industry named "Billooz Bakery" a brand of our company Apexarise Foods Pvt. Ltd. An innovation in foods segment focusing on hygiene and eggless cakes and pastries aiming towards making food chain, multiple outlets and retail outlets.


New innovation in Health Products and Social Cause

Moving towards products industry we made best in class healthy products, home appliances with our new initiative Apexarise Star Marketing.


We moved to Beauty and Fashion Indusry

Towards our aim to do something unique, innovative we established one of the largest salon in Rajasthan and largest in hadoti region named "AD Professional Salon and Academy" a brand of Apexarise Beauty and fashion pvt. ltd. focusing on peaceful environment, high quality services, customer satisfaction.


We moved to Agro Industry

Covering more areas we moved to agro industry. "UPAJ Seed" a brand of apexarise, we curretlt providing grading, seed processing and future warehousing & other agro plant are in our next list.


We moved to Auto Motor Industry

We also moved to Auto Motors indusry, operation will start very soon.


We moved to Music and Amusement Industry

With our new company Apexarise Amusement Pvt Ltd. We moved music and amusement industry with our brand "The Music Club" focusing on music academy, shows, events, carnivals(social cause theme), dances. Also providing high class musical instruments to buy. "The Music Club" running back since 2014 but company formation was done in 2018.


We moved to Infrastructure Industry

In 2018 we started Apexarise Infratech LTD. Our first limited company focusing towards serving civil and electrical industry. We aim to achieve new height by establishing new standards of industry.


Our new venture in Communication Industry

We recently moved to media and advertising sector with our new venture Apexarise Communications Pvt. Ltd. to acheive our goals.


A Lot more to come...