About Apexa Group

Apexa Group, a group of several companies was just a small start-up back on June, 2013, by ten career driven individuals who wanted to do something greater for themselves. As a result of their determination and hard work, Apexa Group came into the limelight.

What was started as a small group, soon grew to become a group that gave birth to several companies. In just six years almost, the group has been able to make its mark in several fields with their progressive thinking. Their hard work has given birth to companies in the area of auto motors, fashions, agro, beauty, food and more. Not only these, but the company also has a section for arts section like entertainments, making it reliable for all kind of audience as well.

Apexa Group aims at becoming the largest brand of the world in every field that it steps in. Our team of career driven, progressive thinking experts aim at combining creativity with design and provide the best result of all. A small thought of the ten backbone of our company gave way to the big franchise that we are in today's world. Over time, the company aims at leading with purpose, and embrace whatever changes are required in the company.

When the company was established our main aim was to bring about a change in the global business. With each passing day, we have been striving for the growth of the company by brainstorming new ideas and techniques. Our team of dedicated workers is implementing new business practices each day to ensure the growth and bring about all the necessary changes that may help the business to make its global mark. At present with our 3000+ investors we are one of the leading group in Kota, Rajasthan.

It is all due to the willingness and future vision of our CMD of the group, Mr. Murli Manohar Namdev that the company has been able to come along so far. However, the success of the company cannot only be dedicated to the our CMD but to each member who has been there from the start and has committed their time and passion to the company.

All the products manufactured by us and all the services provided by us are tested and examined to examine that our customers are satisfied by them. Within a short period, we have brought about different companies in the food, makeup, infratech, auto motors and more. Our team of marketing experts ensures that the products are marketed thoroughly to ensure the complete success of the business.

Our vision is to cater to all the needs of our customers and provide them tested and safe products. We understand that a slight disappointment from our customers can harm our business in significant ways. As a result, we thrive to become better versions of ourselves each day.

In past six years, we have developed quite a good customer base. We are now moving towards providing online services as well. If you are in any doubt, you can always get in touch with our team experts from our website who will help in solving all your problems.